President Donald Trump Top Issues That His Administration Will Tackle

Donald Trump officially became the 45th president of the United States after his inauguration. After the inaugural as the next president, Trump updated his twitter handle @POTUS and the official website. In the online portal, Trump has outlined a number of issues that would be addressed with utmost importance. He lists these issues as top priorities for the nation at the moment.

The most prominent issue for America is energy. The new administration focuses on creating energy policies that reduce the cost for the Americans and utilize the resources effectively. Promising measures will be taken to reduce the dependence on foreign oil for energy production. A deregulation is in order where the harmful and unnecessary policies would be eliminated. It concerns the environmentalists as the climate action plan and water of the US rule are considered unnecessary policies now.

Trump is determined to take advantage of the Shale oil exploration and gas revolution to bring prosperity to the country. He also hopes to bring new jobs as a result of the new effort. Trump said that he wants to use the $50 trillion untrapped Shale oil along with natural gas reserves that are present in the federal lands owned by America. The revenues from this industry would be used to improve the infrastructure. The energy plan also includes measures to improve domestic energy production. This will help the country to depend less on the OPEC cartel. Trump also indicated on the website that he will allocate time to protect the environment as well. He outlined that the new administration will shift the focus of EPA to protect air and water.

The next priority for the administration will be focusing on Islamic terror groups and ISIS. Defeating and destroying these groups will be the major focus of the new plan. The new administration is planning on creating aggressive coalition and joint military operations when the situation demands. Trump also said that his office will work with various international partners to reduce and cut off the funding for various terrorist groups. The defense administration will also engage in cyber warfare to disable and disrupt recruiting of new members to these terrorist groups. The military and trade deals will also be modified and rebuilt to benefit the country.

Trump also focuses on bringing back jobs to the USA. He recalled the hard times the entire nation faced during the 2008 recession. The administration will first create pro-growth tax reform that would support American businesses and workers. He has promised to slash tax rates in all tax brackets while simplifying the tax code. As promised during the campaign, his administration will focus on reducing US corporate tax rate. Trump forecasts that his new measures will create 25 million new jobs in the country.

Rebuilding the military is also a part of defense plan and Trump promises to provide veteran care. State of the art defense system will be introduced while ensuring the best education, medical care and support for the military officials and their families. The law and order administration will also focus on reducing violent crimes in the nation.