Rick Perry Regrets His Talks Made Five Years Ago

Rick Perry is the former governor of Texas and he is currently the nominee for Energy Department by Donald Trump. During the confirmation hearing held on Thursday, he was answering questions from the reporters regarding climate change and his earlier talks about the importance of energy department. Previously, in 2012, Rick Perry spoke strongly in favor of abolishing the energy department. Ironically, he is now the nominee for the energy department under the new Trump administration.

When Perry was questioned on this topic, he admitted that the comment was made five years ago and it doesn’t reflect on what his current thoughts are. He went on to say that he regrets his recommendation of eliminating the energy department, especially after a number of briefings on the importance of a dedicated energy department. Talking about climate change, Perry said that some of it are caused by various man made activities. He wants to take active measures against it without limiting the economic growth.

Perry continuously combined climate change and economic growth to represent his new outlook. Democrats were in the mood to ask several questions to truly understand the stance of the nominee. Donald Trump during his campaign has mentioned that he will cut down the cost of running the energy department. This could mean that there could be budget cuts for the energy department. When questioned about it, Rick Perry said that the administration could forget this view and continue to support the energy department.

During 2016, Rick Perry went on record to say that nobody really knows whether the climate change is real. He said this comment just a day after 2016 was declared hottest year by the US scientists. In 2014, he bashed the scientists saying that the scientists call carbon dioxide as a pollutant and it is a disservice to the entire nation. Sen. Bernie Sanders asked repeatedly whether Perry considers climate change as a crisis. To avoid the controversies, Perry declined to answer the question directly and said that he wants to talk beyond rhetoric claims.

The democrats were not happy with the connection made between climate change and economic growth. When Sen. Maria Cantwell said that the higher temperatures and fires caused by timber industries threaten aquatic life, Rick Perry quoted how the Texas economy grew while the emissions continued to fall. It was rumored that Donald Trump’s transition team wanted to know the details of the individuals who are involved in research on climate change. Perry did his best to deflect the controversies surrounding the fears.

Rick Perry said that he doesn’t want that information because he can successfully work with people who are interested in facing the challenges. Experts are pinning their hopes on Perry who successfully used the expansion of oil and gas exploration industry to bring about an increased use of wind energy. During his tenure as the governor of Texas, the state created a competitive energy market while embracing wind energy technology. However, environment enthusiasts are unhappy with the nomination as the head of the Energy department may cut down activities on climate change research and regulation.